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random jokes

I never wanted to be

I never really wanted to be a scientist.

I wanted to be...a...A SYSADMIN!

[system engineer choir and shift supervisor enter, music strikes up]

Oh, I'm a sysadmin and I'm OK, I grep all night and I chown all day. [choir] He's a sysadmin and he's OK, He greps all night and he chowns all day.

I ping the nodes, I do PM, I awk and perl and sed. I've got a Star Wars lunchbox, and Tron sheets on my bed! [choir] He pings the nodes, he does PM, he awks and perls and seds. He's got a Star Wars lunchbox, and Tron sheets on his bed!

[repeat chorus]

I ping the nodes, I change the rates, I fork the processes. I wish that all my lusers would catch some rare disease! [choir, growing slightly uncomfortable] He pings the nodes, he changes rates, He forks the processes. He wishes all his lusers would catch some rare disease!

[choir brightens as they repeat chorus]

I ping the nodes, I lock the /home partition and umount. I post .gifs of my boss's daughter from his account! [choir, very uncomfortable and trailing off] He pings the nodes, he locks the /home partition and umounts...??

[shift supervisor, in tears] Oh Bevis! And I thought you were so dedicated.

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What is SigX?
SigX is a dynamic signature image generated based on whatever data your computer sends it though our SigX program. It can display your current Mp3, current OS, Free Ram, your current time and more. And has statistics like a counter to show how many people saw your signature.

It has two parts. A Client which sends the data from your computer to our server, and the image generation which is performed on this server. All you need to do is run the Client on your computer and put the BBcode (or HTML) onto your signature or Blog and you'll be all set. Its as simple as that! SigX is not spyware.

SigX! The fresh maker.

Sample of a custom remote SigX
SigX! The fresh maker.

Im feeling: SigX! The fresh maker.

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